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 Ideal candidates to speak at an HCP event will be:

  • experienced and comfortable speaking in front of large groups, ranging from 200 to 1,500 people
  • interested in sharing expertise, real-world strategies and knowledge with other healthcare leaders
  • willing to partner with HCP to deliver the best possible experience for the audience
  • interested, schedule permitting, in attending the whole event and engaging with attendees
  • open to helping spread the word about the event

When submitting a presentation proposal, please keep the following in mind:

  • Session content should be interesting, and completely vendor / product neutral. We do not accept product-related submissions. If you would like to promote a specific product, service or company, please contact our sales team for information on registering for the conference or exhibiting in our supplier showcase.
  • Contact info for the primary speaker of the submission is included in the form below. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process and will not consider submissions where we are unable to do this.

Contact Andrew Head, Director of Education and Professional Development, with any questions: or 615-449-6234.

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This bio should highlight career or educational experiences, awards, etc. Do not describe your organizations products or services. (No more than 100 words)

List any speaking experience (live or online), including the event name, your presentation’s topic, and the number of people in attendance.

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Please note the topic and proposed session description, including 3 to 5 bullet points listing what the audience will learn from your presentation. If you have a detailed outline/proposal available, please email it to
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