Hospital & Healthcare I.T. Conference Success Stories



Provider Testimonials

"At this conference, I was able to identify several potential vendor partners with capabilities I didn't even know existed.  My perspective was certainly broadened. The Reverse Expo was a very efficient way to network with dozens of vendors."

Patrick Lowry, AVP, Technology Innovation

Supplier Testimonials

“HCP provides a unique opportunity for networking with healthcare leaders nation-wide, as well as timely and relevant educational content that enables us to better understand the issues and trends facing the healthcare industry today.”

Kelly Morrison, Director of Sales and Marketing
Cardinal Health


“HCP is a fantastic event that we look forward to. The conference is modeled in such a way that decision makers from ‘both sides of the fence’ are intermingling the entire time. HCP has struck a near-perfect balance between education, networking and entertainment that maximizes your time and investment.”   

Brian Borst, President
Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc.


"I found the hospital attendees pleasant and receptive and I think the forum allowed us to learn from one another.  I didn’t hesitate for a second when signing up for next year."

Bill Arnold, President

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