Hospital O.R. & Surgical Conference Success Stories



Provider Testimonials

“Thanks to this one meeting and the important contacts I was able to make, our health system is evaluating a potential system-wide savings of more than $650,000 on various products.  As a busy OR Director and ASC administrator I don't always have the time to connect with the owners/executives from supplier organizations that can save my system these dollar amounts.  It was nice to talk with the decision makers from the various suppliers as well as the frontline sales reps.  I am the chair of the system’s Peri-Operative Value Analysis Committee and I have 4 ongoing clinical trials to evaluate products introduced to me at your meeting. I am looking forward to the outcomes of these clinical trials and will keep you posted as to the dollar amounts we save.”

Don Dionisi, Chief Nursing Officer
South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital

"It was a pleasure to meet you and to attend the conference.  It exceeded my expectations!  The vendor information and networking were invaluable.  I sent all my paperwork from the reverse Expo by FedEx.  I can't wait to get the box and start the process of getting some of the services/equipment into my hospital system! I was super impressed with the management of the entire conference.  I have been to many venues over the years and this one ranks in the top 3.  No joke. Continued success to you!"

Christallia Starks, Regional Perioperative Educator
Mission Trail Baptist Hospital

"Everyone that I encountered from Health Connect Partners went above and beyond to make my experience enjoyable. It takes so much time and effort to make these events successful and you have perfected it. I was quite engrossed in all the speakers you had and will take the messages they conveyed and use them in my personal and professional life. Great connections were built with other Surgery Center Directors and Managers. I can't tell you how much valuable information I obtained in the short amount of time we were together. I made the most out of every networking chance we had by meeting as many people as I could and found some really great folks who were eagerly willing to share problems and solutions from their facility. I also participated in the Cook lunch on Thursday and really found that interesting. Yet another great networking, business card exchanging opportunity. The Reverse Expo was a first for me. This concept is amazing. I personally made deals on the spot especially with the smaller companies who could do business that day. I am receptive to the small company in this country and feel it is vital we show more support to them. I appreciated seeing that representation there. I only wish the Expo was longer as I didn't get to speak to all the companies on my list.  The Reverse Expo makes it easier to have concise meaningful conversations. Health Connect Partners have found the right way to bring compatible people together effectively and efficiently."

Kathy Freshwater, CST, Materials Manager
Delaware Surgery Center


"Thank you for the opportunity to attend the conference. I appreciate having the opportunity to have equal access to all the vendors. This venue leveled the playing field for all attendees. Unlike other conference it was not a "who you know" activity or "who can take me to dinner" - thank you! The attendee info in the back of conference booklet was great. it saved me from collecting business cards. I could annotate by the name for future communication. Loved the derby music to open the reverse expo. Keep it up! It sets a positive tone to the activity."

Perla Barcenas, Clinical Director
North Brownsville Surgery Center

Supplier Testimonials

“HCP provides a unique opportunity for networking with healthcare leaders nation-wide, as well as timely and relevant educational content that enables us to better understand the issues and trends facing the healthcare industry today.”

Kelly Morrison, Director of Sales and Marketing
Cardinal Health

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