Our History


Health Connect Partners began as a dinner conversation between Nelson Hendry and David Mason, the initial business model sketched out on a cocktail napkin. We now run multiple national conferences each year, bringing thousands of healthcare professionals together for some of the most unique events in the healthcare industry.

For over a decade we've had the privilege of bringing providers and suppliers together. In September of 2006, we held our first Supply & Pharmacy Expo. The next year we added a Hospital Pharmacy Conference, which quickly became our flagship event; by 2008, we were holding them twice a year. In the spring of 2009 we began our Radiology & Imaging Conference, followed by the launch of our Hospital O.R. & Surgical Conference in 2010 and our Hospital & Healthcare I.T. Conference in 2011. And in October of 2014, we held our first dedicated Hospital Supply Conference

Past Conferences